Wednesday, September 03, 2008

We Are Mentioned in Leah Garchik

And how grateful we are because the name of the blog is mentioned, which matters because "Michael Robertsons" fill the world, like dead leaves swirling down a storm drain.

Here's (not quite) everything everyone has suggested about Sarah Palin:

"Caribou Barbie" (heard on KQKE-AM by The Chronicle's David Rubien); "looks like Amy Winehouse" (Tom Ammiano); trophy veep (Gar Smith and Jerry Nachman); "looks like Peggy Hill" of "King of the Hill" (John Nunes); "They look like a typical local news anchor pair ... old white guy and perky female half his age" (Michael Robertson's Darwin's California Cat blog); "Megan Mullally's character, Karen Walker, from 'Will and Grace' " (Jeff Knollmiller).

(Wikipedia Michael Robertson. He ain't me, baby, he ain't me.)
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