Friday, September 12, 2008

A Real Man Always Lies to Protect a Lady

I think that's what McCain has going for him now. Palin lies -- and to say anything else would be to judge her dimwitted -- and McCain gallantly swears she tells the truth.

I think some tens of thousands of people respect that. You stand by your gal ... as long as she doesn't take her love to town.

In which case -- she just got something in her eye, John; she wasn't actually winking at Charlie Gibson -- you shoot her.

If I understand the diktats of popular culture and small-town virtue. To preserve the natural order. For the ego of an aroused male -- and McCain is in full bull-elephant must when it comes to his Lady Veep -- is a fragile thing.

Of course, in Europe a gun is not always available, which is sad and makes things messy.

And the final magic of Youtube. Check out the bottom of Tom Jones' 'Delilah' after his song is sung and move through the thumbnails and click through to Christopher Walken singing Delilah in John Turturro's 'Romance and Cigarettes' and all will be well -- for a moment.

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