Saturday, October 07, 2006

As You Like It: We Like It

A month or so ago I said rude things about the California Shakespeare Festival's production of "The Merchant of Venice," which was weak in about as many ways as a production can be, from weird conception to faulty execution of the conception. But last Sunday we attended their production of "As You Like It," which was as good as MoV was bad. No it was better than MoV was bad. It is more difficult to praise than blame, particularly if one is not a critic of the art form. So just let me praise one aspect of it and post a photograph that presents that aspect.

"As You Like It" is set for the most part in the Forest of Arden. California Shakespeare productions are held in an outdoor theater. The brisk fall weather and the trees behind the stage made a backdrop that was stunning.

See the picture. Click the picture. And note the gypsy band, which was onstage for a good chunk of the performance. It's a play about harmony come from disharmony. It was a production that was *all* harmony.

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