Monday, October 23, 2006

What We Have Here is a Failure to Communicate

I mean it in this sense. My ear canals or my inner ear or my inner sound psychic or whatever mechanism that sucks information out of vibrations in the air is on the fritz because of my cold, and I can't hear much of anything. I am hearing words but not all of them, not enough of them, to know what is being said. It is quite interesting how quickly one tires of saying,"I'm sorry. You'll have to say that again," choosing rather to retreat into ignoring what it is being said or pretending to understand what is being said even when one does not.

Oh, the picture at the top of this. I'm thinking the severity of the ear problem is related to taking my sis and her husband to Yosemite for the weekend while coming down with a cold. Too much ear-popping up and down while the viruses ran wild.

My sister says her daughter Amy -- our niece -- had stopped-up ears for a month once. Great. I'll be in purgatory, but my students will be in hell.

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