Saturday, October 07, 2006

P.S. to my P.S.

Sometimes 3-5 minutes after I write something I realize that what I've written sounds snotty, self-satisfied and insincere. My young colleague whose example led me to sign up for Facebook is an excellent teacher and a productive scholar, and his presence on Facebook and his use of Facebook are part of his excellence in both areas.

I'm serious. Let's just print this out and put it in his tenure file and THERE I GO AGAIN.

I apologize. A little bit of silly goes a long way.

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david silver said...

the only thing snotty about that post was comparing me to a beaujolais. a beaujolais?!? i can barely SPELL beaujolais, much less drink it.

truth be told, i'm feeling a bit out of place on facebook, too. maybe not out of place but simply ... i'll say it ... bored. it's not what it once was, back in the day (early 2006), and shows few signs for becoming anything more interesting than it is now.

no harm, no foul - except the beaujolais part.