Saturday, October 07, 2006

A Postscript to 'Betty and Veronica'

One of the reasons I suppose it is a good thing I'm neither a daily newspaper columnist nor a trial lawyer is that anywhere from 3-5 days after I've written something it occurs to me that I may have said more than -- and sometimes other than -- what I meant. So when I wrote about my timorousness in venturing onto Facebook, I meant no disrespect to my eminent young college whose example led me to join the Facebook crowd.

See, I'm old, and he's young. The shoe fits, so he wears it. If he were a wine, he would be a beaujolais. If he were a news story, he would be a scoop. If he were a piece of software, he would be Beta. If he were a school of art, he would be post-Postmodern. If he were a root vegetable, you would have to knock the dirt off him, and I mean that in the nicest way possible.

It is as natural for him to be on Facebook as it is for me to listen to prairie Home Companion, and a darn sight more useful to our students, and maybe I will get the knack of it if I try.

But for now I'll go take my vitamin supplements and lie down for just a little while.

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B. Lundigan said...

I think you are being paranoid, and your wife is being extremely paranoid. I doubt that University of San Francisco students are malicious or humorless. Even if you would make a clumsy joke -- when dealing with the young, people our age seldom get the joke -- I don't think they will be lying in wait, ready to spring the trap. If you feel comfortable talking with them as a friend and they feel comfortable talking with you as a friend, have the conversation.