Sunday, March 11, 2007

I Am What's Wrong with Democracy

Or maybe I'm what's right with the workplace.

Two things:

1) With the 2006 elections over and the Democrats' effort to push and pull us out of Iraq turned into a long and twisted trip through a maze that the Republicans write and the Democrats try to erase -- and vice versa....

2) And with my requiring mandatory weekly blogging from my reporting students and even more mandatory blogging and report writing from my journalism ethics students....

... I am certainly neglecting my RSS feeds. I am failing to scrutinize my Bloglines subscriptions in a timely manner, as you can see, post after post piling up unread:

Am I missing anything I need to know to act decisively?

When was the last time I acted decisively?

Still, it's like that pile of unread New Times piling up in the corner. It's a visual rebuke.

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