Wednesday, March 07, 2007

There is a God, and Apparently He's Buying

Estimable former student Tommy Morahan and I raised a glass at the Pig and Whistle earlier today, and I drank deep of the Guinness, which tastes like a meal in a drum. When I have a Guinness or several, I always feel as if I have struck a blow against world famine, so filling is a draught of the G.

Indeed, so convinced was I that I had consumed my allotted calories for the rest of Lent, I looked up how many calories there actually are in a pint.

The official website says 210. My God, there's that many calories in a deep breath of fresh air -- in LA, anyway.

Now, I'm thinking: Why did I stop so soon?

Oh, and Tommy is going to be a first-time dad in three weeks. More praise to the Guinness!

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