Monday, March 19, 2007

A Woman of Principle

My mother-in-law just had a new pacemaker implanted, which is supposed to be a minor operation, but I'm not sure there are any minor operations when you're 96. Like the good girl she is, my wife grabbed a plane to Florida today. It was a pretty smooth trip until she got to the rental car counter in Tampa.

I had reserved a Toyota Corolla for her. She wouldn't take it, invoking her status as a "Detroit girl." Instead, for a nominal 15 extra bucks a day, she got a PT Cruiser; that is, a car with an American nameplate manufactured in Mexico for a company controlled by a German company that used slave labor to produce weapons of indiscriminate mass destruction during World War II.

A better husband would not have pointed this out.

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Hell Hound said...

Don't you have a PT Cruiser?