Sunday, March 18, 2007

Support the Arts

The performance artist Peter Moore is work shopping some of his "code poetry" over at his latest blog, The Secret Restaurant.

For those of you who didn't see him at the Marsh last year or on Josh Kornbluth's TV show in January, Moore works by "accretion and indirection," as he said in a visit to Bob Haas' poetry class at Berkeley last year. Gradually, his entries increase in length and specificity, and a clearer narrative emerges.

"I create gaps," he said, "which the reader must fill. The art is always in the gaps. I am the artist, but my readers are my art, not my words."

It's early yet, but this poem would seem to have something to do with the fading Bush presidency, which is a departure since Moore is usually apolitical. But it's witty stuff, so you don't have to agree with the politics to enjoy it.

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