Thursday, August 02, 2007

Adsense at Work

Hey look at the ad the Google worm has placed on the blog:

Mourning Bill Walsh?

Honor loved ones with tribute pages Grief support & community forums

Brother Patrick Daugherty (Friend of the Blog) has a great story about faking his way into a press credential with a Fairbanks (Alaska) newspaper, doing a hangout marathon near 49ers headquarters and bluffing his way into an interview with Walsh as Walsh was chauffeured to a tennis date.

This was 25 years ago, the early days of modem transmission of stories. With the help of Richard Anderson (Friend of the Blog) Pat got the story to his editor in Fairbanks. But the editor didn't believe Pat's unlikely tale of how he got the story and did not print it.

I don't think we need to put a moral on this tale.,

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