Monday, August 20, 2007

Back from Mum

And so I am home again after visiting with my mother in the nursing home in Tennessee, where my older sister and I have lately put her. My sister was pleased that my mother's behavior yesterday was "typical." I don't think she wanted me to think that my presence produced swings from euphoria (relative; see earlier video) to anguish (not so relative; my mother seemed in true despair on Thursday).

But Sunday mother was what she usually is, my sister said. That is, she mentioned that she wanted to die but only occasionally. It was a theme, but there was variation. The new idea that I had not heard before but my sister has heard many times is the suggestion that if anyone (fill in: me, my older sis) really loved her (fill in: willing to sacrifice marriage and mental health) these nameless people would get her out of the Baptist Healthcare Center and take her home because my mom would really be not that much trouble, hardly any really, you can take her word for it.

And we say ... a variety of things. Fill in: You didn't raise any uber-masochists, mother. And I dare say you would be just as sad living with us. But the bottom line is the best we can do for you -- the most we choose to do for you -- is make sure you are very well treated here. You are broke, but the way you gave the money away to our younger sister (long story; don't think I'll tell it) means you do not qualify for Medicare so you are here on our nickel.

More later. Much much more, endless amounts of more.


Banjo said...

Lord, the anger in end-of-life summings-up.

....J.Michael Robertson said...

Pain and anger. Regret.