Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A Movie Quiz. Who Doesn't Love a Movie Quiz?

Brother Bob Wieder over at Humor Me II, named after his racing catamaran, raises the question of which movie had a cast containing the most Oscar winners.

He settles on:

The record so far as I can tell is held by “The Godfather,” with four: Pacino, Brando, Duvall and Keaton.

There are several co-holders of second place at three: “Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner” (Tracy, Hepburn, Poitier), “Glen Garry Glen Ross” (Lemmon, Pacino, Spacey), “Steel Magnolias,” which holds the record for most Best Actress cast members (MacLaine, Fields, Roberts), and the improbable “Man Who Shot Liberty Valence” (Wayne, Stewart, Marvin).

My answer to his question was so brilliant it must strut upon a larger stage. (No disrespect, Brother Wieder. No brag, just fact.)

To wit:

  1. jwocky robertson Says:

    I’m good.

    Bonnie and Clyde had Beatty, Dunaway, Parsons and Hackman, though only Parsons won for B&C. Beatty won as director for Reds. Still an Oscar. That’s four. Gene Wilder was nominated for a screenwriting Oscar. In a just world Denver Pyle would be a national treasure, his mantle groaning under the gold.


B. Wieder said...

Whatever the quality of your answer, it did not address the question as posed, which specified quite clearly that the only Oscars to be considered were for Best Actor and Best Actress, not Best Director, or Supporting Actress. Hell, Redford won for Directing, and I don't even want to go into his list of films. Moreover, a better choice of Beatty films would be Reds, with Nicholson, Keaton, and Maureen Stapleton, who was named Best Actress for her role.

Anonymous said...

Marjorie Main never got her due.

....J.Michael Robertson said...

Bob, don't play the race card.