Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Adventure Continues

My sister had a conference at the nursing home to discuss mother's progress.

Nothing spectacular except that the book I made for her [a voluminous record of mother's life and times told in picture and story] -- which she has seemingly ignored unless someone comes, gets it, sits next to her and points out things -- when we aren't around she brings it to the dining room and shows to people at her table. Go figure. They all agree that the new anti-depressant doesn't seem to be working but will give it another couple of weeks. Also added that there are some that absolutely nothing works for and I told them that we were aware of that but to keep trying. Said that mother, more than any other patient, gets more one on one as they all love her and pop in ever so often to say hello, etc. Vikki showed me that chart of the events she has attended since she was admitted and she has done something almost every day with only a couple of times where she did nothing. Vikki said that she has been to ALL the Thursday cookouts (burger, etc.) which are held outside and that she eats good. Her newest weight is 110. They all seem to think that she is some, although not a lot, better about crying. Seems as if she saves it all for me. ha! Also say she has started reading again and is carrying her Bible everywhere. Once again, Katrina said that she wished she had a camcorder to tape patients when family was not around and that they behave quite differently. Nice to know that she isn't down all the time.

Yes, it is nice to know.

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