Wednesday, August 08, 2007

That Was the Was That Wasn't

I channel-hopped while ironing some shirts tonight and witnessed Barry Bonds hit his historic home run. I went to the trouble because I was curious about: 1) to what degree the crowd would decide they were at a Nuremberg rally; 2) to what degree I would have strong feelings of any kind.

Oh, also it was a nice diversion: Those shirts don't iron themselves.

Results? Based on what I saw on the telly, I really couldn't characterize the Giants crowd. It was just another noisy sporting event. Personally, I felt somewhat deflated. Bonds took some shortcuts during the last ten years, but he certainly got places no one has ever gotten, which enormously successful cheat I could either grudgingly admire or sullenly resent.

I felt neither. Just ... nothing much, two parts uh, okay and one part huh? So to sum up, the striking of homer 756 and its aftermath wasn't as good as the Soprano's finale, and you know how I felt about that.


david silver said...

sarah and i were hanging out at home reading, unpacking. suddenly we heard fireworks but only for a few minutes. we looked each other and said, "what's that?" later, we figured out that it was coming from the ballpark.

it really wasn't that loud and certainly not that long.

....J.Michael Robertson said...

I think that human beings have an internal structure -- deeper than the emotional; that which precedes emotion -- that honors physical excellence. All those millenia as hunter-gatherers have shaped us. Thus, I was curious how I would react to Bonds' homer. How would it fit into the evolutionary imperative? I did not anticipate indifference. What's the evolutionary rationale for that?

Banjo said...

Do you iron with curlers in your hair?