Thursday, August 30, 2007

Who Wants a Problem?

What we are chewing over is how much to tell my 96-year-old mother-in-law about her medical condition. The doctor says there's a mass on her lung. The doctor tells my mother-in-law she has cancer, even though my sister-in-law, who is on the scene, doesn't want him to. My mother-in-law decides she's dying even though a dozen things are more likely to kill her before the cancer does.

What cancer? The doctor now says maybe it's not cancer at all. Maybe it's just pneumonia.


I'm not there but if the goddamned doctor asked me I would say you should probably be careful about what you tell her given her semi-rational state, but you should certainly not tell my mother-in-law she has something until you are goddamned sure she goddamned has it.

Now, she doesn't want to take her medicine for all her other ailments. Goddamn. Sometime there is so much truth in bad language it would be immoral not to use it.

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jini said...

truth in medicine is not necessarily the truth these days. how sad to upset your mother-in-law without just cause.
you have mastered the fine art of bad language and have used it at a truly appropriate time!!