Sunday, November 18, 2007

Gambling is Illegal. However....

Brother Anderson is cranking up his annual leaf lottery. It has become a holiday classic. Windage, first precip, shadow of the moon: so many variables, so great a challenge for the true sportsman.

Leaf Lottery begins.

Guess the day the last leaf falls from the crab apple tree in our front yard. Pick any day between now and next Valentine's Day, Feb 14. If someone already has that day, you'll get a chance to pick another.

Get your picks to me by Dec 1.
Costs $1, winner take all, plus the last two years winnings which our two year champ has donated to this year's pot, She probably feels guilty about having the unfair advantage of an East African viewpoint.

Here's the leaf history.



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B. Lundigan said...

This tree is my "beech."