Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Who are These Guys?

Today is the 16th day of protractor madness, that is, the 16th day after dozens of strangers began to be directed to the blog through a Google link to a picture of a protractor. The linking continues apace, 180 hits yesterday and 85 percent of them drawn by my linking to a photograph of a protractor so many years ago.

I'm not complaining. A few visitors have made permanent links to Darwin's Cat, and that has improved my Technorati ranking, though I have not yet returned to the top one percent. It seems to have produced a few more dimes in my Adsense account, and I'm thankful for that since I have sworn not to write for my first check until I break 20 bucks, which should happen sometime after the first of the year even if the protractor legions abandon me.

It's just that I have no idea who these searchers are because as part of the search process they get to see a picture of a protractor without having to proceed on to the blog post on which it appears -- or, in my case, the blog post that simply links to the picture.

Why all this vague energy around protractors? It's disturbing, mysterious, even sinister.

I bet an action-adventure novelist could do something with it. It could be a rise in the chatter, the first sign of alien invasion and me the ignorant dupe.

What if I know too much? What if I have to be elimin

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david silver said...

happy anniversary michael.