Sunday, November 25, 2007

Vegetables. Fresh Fruit. Long Vigorous Walks.

Feeling pretty good today, which is a change. Two weeks ago I started Zocor, the cheap statin, to lower my cholesterol, but it would appear -- *appear*, I say -- that I am suffering from several of its possible side effects, including lethargy, sore muscles and bouts of nausea.

So it would appear. Cause and effect can be a subjective thing when it comes to medication and one's general sense of wellness. But I have not felt particularly well this week and felt what I believe they technically call "crummy" the last half of the week and felt what they technically call "uber-crummy" yesterday; thus, I quit taking the Z.

Today I'm feeling much better. Time to try to knock down the cholesterol the old-fashioned way. The causality chain is pretty well established in regard to those methods.

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