Monday, November 19, 2007


something never published from three weeks ago

One last attempt to get an item:

I wrote a 113-word blog post suggesting the University of South Florida – it has a football team that the world has finally noticed -- is not USF and never will be since “ it was founded just after 10 o'clock last night.” Tampa Tribune put said remarks on its website and linked. Comments are approaching 80, and the consensus seems to be that I am gay (since everyone here is); high (since everyone here is); smug and arrogant (since everyone here is); and that a Grateful Dead concert is taking place across the street from USFCA 24 hours a day (which I wish were true.).

So – and here’s my last try at generating an item – I can only conclude from the general tenor of this correspondence that:

If Key West is the Oscar Wilde of Florida cities, Tampa-St. Peter is Larry the Cable Guy.

Great joke I just wrote. Except no one in San Francisco has a clue who Larry the Cable Guy is. Which is why we live in San Francisco.

I give up.

No, I don’t. I did say that the exchange made me feel like Leonidas in 300 Spartans and if tonight I dine in hell, at least it’s cooler than Florida.

Now I give up. Thanks for your time. Mother sends her love.


r. wieder said...

Can't decide whether to be irked that I didn't get credit for, or grateful I didn't get the blame for, the Larry the Cable Guy reference.

....J.Michael Robertson said...

If I credited Wieder for everything I stole from him, it would tarnish my image. Hey, I meant that in a nice way. :-D

(An emoticon! God, that felt ... stupid.