Tuesday, November 20, 2007

By Definition You Can't Steal from Wikipedia. Call This Homage.

Icon Meaning Icon Meaning
:-) classic smile with nose :'-) happy crying
:-( classic sad with nose |-O yawn
:) smile without nose :-D laughter
>:) evil grin %-( confused
:-B buck-tooth B-) Batman / smiley with glasses
:-# with braces :-@ scream
:( sad without nose :@ what??? (seriously?)
:-| indifferent :-0 / >O former - surprised, latter - yell "Ouch! You stepped on my toe!"
;-) winking smile with nose :*) drunk smile
;) winking smile without nose (:-D gossip, blabbermouth
`:-) one eyebrow raised 8D Awesome
:P tongue sticking out (silly) :-& tongue tied
O:-) I'm an angel (boy) c^:3 Left Mouse
¬'¬ Bemused Indian woman O*-) I'm an angel (girl)

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