Friday, February 01, 2008

After a Long and Hectic Day, the Restful Night and the Morning After

It's quiet here at the blog this morning. I think there's an Emily Dickinson poem with a great line about "the stillness after," but I can't find it with a quick Google.

Fact is that there won't be so many visitors to the blog now. For several months anyone who Googled "protractor" would see three images of a protractor, and one of those images linked to this blog for no good reason. I only changed the name of the blog because of the links, so don't misunderstand the pattern of cause and effect.

But today, after a month in which for the first time I had more than 4,000 visits, the third of those three protractor images does not link here.

So now another phrase comes to mind: first the forgetting, then the letting go. That sounds like Dickinson. But I can't find it.

Anyway, all is quiet on the Western Front.

P.S. I'll just borrow this from Wikipedia, with all the hesitation and and uncertainty that implies:

The 1929 English translation by Arthur Wesley Wheen gives the title as All Quiet on the Western Front. The literal translation is "Nothing New in the West" (Im Westen nichts Neues), with "West" being the war front; this was a routine dispatch used by the German Army.

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