Saturday, February 16, 2008

Three Hours at the Emergency Room at Kaiser This Morning

Very irritated with Kaiser for fouling up Eydie's same-day appointment and shunting her off to the ER. But once there, they did take her in at once and check her out -- Xrays and such -- and send her home with various medicines. Her temp hit 103 and she was coughing up bloody phlegm -- if you've read this far you are necessarily a Friend of the Blog and thus of all who sail in her and *want* the details in case there's anything you can do, not to mention passing on info to those at the back of the crowd.

At the moment, no, we don't need anything, but keep your operators standing by. I'm sick, but she's SICK. Thus, we burn off a three-day weekend, in bed but not in a nice way.

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