Thursday, February 14, 2008

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"The fact that I was conveying other people's words is no excuse for my lapse in judgment. It won't happen again," promises Mark Halperin. || Earlier: "Does Time really want its staffers using the word 'pussy' in their guest appearances?" asks Adam Reilly. || Greg Sargent: MSNBC's David Shuster won't be fired for his "pimped out" remark.
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Oh okay, I'll comment. I sympathesize. We do live in an age of brash and vulgar talk, and it may be that as opportunities for "true macho" diminish-- the trail-blazing, bear-wrestling, fisticuffs, anything above and beyond crossing against the light -- men feel the need to strut their street talk, as a weightlifter might puff his synthetic muscles, throwing the shadow of virility against the wall in the absence of the virility itself.

This episode reminds me that I need to shut up myself more often than not, particularly in class when I work to remind the kids that I was not always as they see me now, not always a juiceless college professor, not always a poor wretch chained to the wall in the deepest dungeon of the ivory tower, not always a...a...,

Well, not to put too fine a point on it but from a certain point of view: I was not always a pussy.

Now I've embarrassed myself all over again.

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Anonymous said...

When were you not? Precisely.