Saturday, February 02, 2008

Can a Designated Driver Have Anything to Drink?

I ask the question because I may be the DD for our Super Bowl jaunt to Pt. Molate tomorrow. The answer would seem to be yes, at least in terms of having a legal blood alcohol level -- if one is honest about how much one is drinking and owns a functioning watch.

Here's a link to a calculator that should give an approximate blood alcohol level.

But if a cop stops you I'm told you're asked if you have had anything to drink, and that having had a drink hours before may in some way prejudice what happens next. I've never been stopped. How would I know? It may be that the comrades will insist on a DD who commits to drinking nothing.

I take that bullet for you, comrades.

P.S. A friend writes at once:

I ran your calculator: male, 230 pounds, 5 beers in one hour. Comes up .07 something. Which is legal. And unbelievable. That would put me over, even in my prime.

This is a police state trap!

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