Saturday, February 09, 2008

Those with Long Memories Recall the Last Leaf Contest

Guess when the last leaf falls and win a prize! But who could have guessed that the last leaf was a mutant and would hang on for weeks after its last comrade had given up? Finally, though, by chance or nature's changing course undone, it sank a toe into Lethe's stream and thought and stepped and....

The winner, the one who came closest to picking the day of surrender? Jennifer in Dubai. I don't know Jennifer. (Don't *know* Dubai, not to put too fine a point on it.) But here's something for her, something of the kind I might like if I were in Dubai and far from home, even with my winnings heavy in my pocket.

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snapdragon888 said...

Indeed, Jennifer sounds like a wise woman...just imagine living all the way in Dubai, not having heard of this particular tree AND actually winning the contest...her crystal ball works afterall....woop,woop!!