Monday, February 18, 2008

And a Little Child Shall Lead Them. If a Little Child is Unavailable, How About the Don Rickles of El Cerrito?

Brother Bob Wieder explains how to solve a nomination deadlock at the Democratic convention. I kept looking for the irony but I couldn't find any.

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Anonymous said...

contest. Points off for barfing Flip a coin? Why not a chug-a-lug contest. Points off for barfing and falling down, otherwise the last man (or lady) standing wins. Barack has the edge because he's a guy? Not necessarily. He's skinny, a pencil-necked geek. Hillary's got those big calves and thighs that keep her anchored. Whichever won Putin would be impressed. I see you still haven't figured out the spacing problem, dickwad. Hint: shorter headlines.