Sunday, February 08, 2009

Darwin Darwin He's Our Man

Angry mob attacking Charles DarwinImage by Colin Purrington via Flickr

Big takeout in the Chron today on Darwin's birthday, filled with several fine stories by science writer David Perlman, who inspires us with his knowledge and dazzles us with his productivity at so advanced an age that most of his contemporaries are not only underground, they are well on the way to turning to coal.

Good on you, Ancient Mariner.

Anyway, I'm reading along trying to keep up, wishing I had kept up my training in science rather than turning to the soft soup of words, which require no intellectual teeth, and a formulation occurred to me that sums up my thinking -- not "believing" or "feeling" -- that the probabilities are all on the side of natural selection, et alia.

Here it is: I don't know much about science but I know absolutely nothing about God.

That's a courtesy capital, folks.

P.S. Brother Moore points me at this full-page Chron ad I had somehow overlooked.
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