Friday, February 27, 2009

Pissed: Day Four

I got my first Cool Greeting out of the way today: a quick walk-by, a clipped expulsion of surname only.

There's an etiquette to being pissed, or perhaps I should say a range of options. Oh, you want it out there. Having it out there avoids the need for clarifying emails. There's the Look Away or the Cold Stare, but they are a little more melodramatic than I can easily manage. If you can't nail it, forgo it, I say.

Indeed, I'm stuck with the Cool Greeting because I can't manage the more substantial Cold Greeting, nor the stinging Derisive Greeting so ably practiced by Jerry Seinfeld, which was only a counterfeit after all, an actor's trick.

Heck, saying someone's last name the way Jerry said, "Newman" is an invitation to share the joke, absolutely collegial.

So it's a fine line, but I'm doing my best. Or to put it another way: still pissed.

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Lowell said...

This may further off with which my friend is pissed but living among Brits for a couple of year taught me their distiction between pissed [=drunk] and pissed off [angry]. Hair-splitting I know, and the two often go hand-in-hand, but your post title reads a bit like you are on a four day bender to some eyes.

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....J.Michael Robertson said...

A four-day bender. Now, that's a lovely thought.

Jerry in Arkansas said...

A real man would have knocked his block off.