Friday, January 11, 2008

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Daily Kos Explains Why It's Advocating that Michigan Democrats Vote for Romney to Foul Up the GOP Even Though Some Say Such a Tactic is "Not Nice"

You can't bring a spork to a gun battle. There are some concerned that this is 'dirty tricks' and that we shouldn't 'stoop to their level'. This is perhaps the key difference between traditional liberals and movement progressives. The former believe that politics is a high-minded debate about ideas, the latter have seen movement conservatives use every tool at their disposal to steal power and cling to it. The problem is, politics matter, and so does the winner of elections. You can't bring a spork to a gun fight, because like Florida 2000, we lose every time. And while some may feel proud their personal ethics weren't compromised and that we 'took the high road' through the recount battle, how many thousands of soldiers and Iraqis wish that Democrats had fought a little harder for Gore's victory?"

My old roomie Lowell Boileau explained to me how I can highlight text from another blog, go to the Google toolbar and send it direct to my own blog. So I dood it.

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