Thursday, January 17, 2008

First Day of School

No classes, but I came in to advise transfer students and early-bird continuing students. My advice for transfers is the same as my advice for freshmen: Don't take courses in what you think will be your major your first semester. Take core courses, those courses required by the university for graduation. Tap the gossip aquifer. Be the outsider asking the insiders to justify their choices. See who's together and who's falling apart and pick the brains of the former.

Take two or three majors off the rack and walk them outside and see how they look in the daylight.

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Linda Summers said...

Excellent advice! Especially since oftentimes it seems that one of the primary preoccupations of both freshmen and sophomores is to see how many times they can modify their major - which, of course, tends to be both expensive and time consuming.