Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Oh Great

Finally, I told my doctor I wanted to try a statin to get my cholesterol down. I, of course, had been reading in the popular press for some time how all these docs loved them so much they were taking them even if the docs didn't have bad cholesterol.

I started, felt kind of bad, stopped and then started again three weeks ago. I feel fine! Now this morning my wife reads to me from the NY Times that some researchers are now down on statins, saying (among other things) that they may cause more problems more often than was previously understood. Among those possible difficulties?

Cognitive problems and impotence.

So maybe these problems will balance out. I'll forget what the darn thing was for.

You say that's not a very good joke. I respond that it's no joke at all.

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Anonymous said...

yes the statins, they go and they go down (in popularity). SK is on his second type because the first caused increased leg pain. my mother has lowered her cholesterol by 30% via the use of Red Yeast rice - a naturally occurring statin. One would need liver testing since it is - after all - a stain. My own doctor says she has used it in her patients who have had problems with commercial statin side effects.

got statins? should be part of the new marketing campaign.