Monday, January 07, 2008

Why Video Has Potential for Great Evil, or, *The Director's Cut of 'Last Leaf'*

I was proud at how quickly I blasted through my "Last Leaf" video, grabbing what images I could get, putting them up in about the order I grabbed them. I was *efficient*, as befits an amateur who is playing. But then this morning I started tweaking and blew a couple of hours just fiddling, captured by the fact I could change what I had done and -- to many of us -- change is hope.

Pfaugh. Enough. Here it is. Look below and compare. Look left and vote.

1 comment:

david silver said...

as with bladerunner, i prefer the director's cut. it has more emotional integrity.

i really like this stuff michael. nice montage for a perfect song. plus, it's got that kojak guy.