Tuesday, January 15, 2008

How Deeply Satisfying to Find Oneself Agreeing with the Kvetching of a 91-year-old Man

Lifestyle/Scene - Media Savvy: NPR's Schorr vital link to 'responsible journalism' - sacbee.com:

Q: Because we get news from so many sources, some of dubious merit, is it important to have commentators to sift through it all?

A: Absolutely. In saying that, I guess I justify my own role in life. But what I've found is that people have a lot of information sometimes called data. They don't know what it means, frequently. It gives me the chance to get in there between the gap of information and actually knowing something by trying to provide meaning. The word 'meaning' has become a very important word to me. If there's anything I can do to tell you the meaning of what you already know, I feel I've done my day's work.

The Bee interviews Daniel Schorr. Among his comments, my favorite is that, given the way the news media are changing, he would hate to be 20 years younger. That suggests that in eight years a whole world of opportunities and choices will like before me. Good on you, Dan Schorr.

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