Friday, January 11, 2008

The Next Voice You Hear with be That of the USF Media Studies Department

Brother David Silver has done it. He has established a blog on which Media Studies faculty will converse about things that matter to it.

(Hmmm. Interesting grammatical point. I use "it" as the relative pronoun to suggest unity among faculty. Brave pronoun!)

This could be useful. One of the glories of working at an urban school like USF is the city and the greater Bay Area. One of the disadvantages is that the faculty are (oops; things are looking plural) scattered from one end of the Bay Area to the other. Also, there is no faculty club or even an informal meeting place for faculty. So we do not engage in much casual conversation. Meetings are taken up with large and urgent issues. Neither place nor structure exists to encourage the ebb and flow, the ramble, of talk about how we teach, who our students are, what things in common out in the big world towards which we might all turn our attention and the attention of our classes.

In short, if such a blog does nothing more than build a safe BS space into our lives, it serves its purpose. Let it be a space to wander and wonder, not to proclaim!

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