Saturday, January 26, 2008

Update from New

In case you missed out here's a brief recap of what happened in '07 and a hint at things to come in '08. Our newest project! We wrangled thirteen news organizations who each donated a reporter towards this project. They will each use the internet to build an online network of sources that will support and inform their reporting around a specific beat. To follow, join or learn from the reporters and how they approach reporting alongside a smart mob, check out the blog:

OffTheBus.Net: Our project in collaboration with the HuffingtonPost to cover the 08 campaign with a new angle. This isn't about journalists covering the candidates from within the structure of mainstream media. Instead, this election coverage is about how the campaign sweeps into and effects our lives, from the view of citizens. Our most recent lab project. A wiki to turn legalese into plain English. If this idea sounds intriguing - check it out:

Assignment Zero: Our first experiment in collaboration with Wired. We covered the topic of "crowdsourcing" gathering 80 interviews and 10 feature length stories. Although it was not the wildest of success stories it is still being discussed in journalism communities as pushing the boundaries in citizen journalism.

Polling Place Photo Project: A quick lab where people around the country documented what their polling place looked like on Super Tuesday. We tried it over a year ago and now the New York Times has picked up where we left off:

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