Friday, December 15, 2006

Advice Rejected

I've been talking to my man Lowell Boileau, who really is the website/blog king of Detroit, Michigan, about what happens when controversy lifts its lively head in one's drowsy little corner of cyberspace. This was his advice:

If you want enemies try moderating a forum of with hundreds of active members 6K visitors a day flipping 60K web pages and creating hundreds of posts.

I even spawned my own ‘para-site’, a whole counter site dedicated to ridiculing DetroitYES, a Salon de Refuse created by trolls I have run off from DetroitYES. “Stupid DetroitYES post Du Jour” is their biggest and longest running thread and constitutes about half of their posts.

You must know by now that the web is far, far more about sociology than technology. We are in its infancy, somewhere between the conquest of fire and Cro Magnon man.

No place for a glass jaw “up in here” where dogs bark most fiercely from behind the fences of their monitors.

If you really want to break this open, express confusion and ask if any of them could offer you spiritual assistance.


Anonymous said...

While Stupid Post Du Jour thread is the biggest and longest running Hot Fudge thread, it doesn't constitute half of HFD's posts. There have been 31,990 posts on Hot Fudge, 4013 of the Stupid Post thread...12.5% of total posts. 1/8 not 1/2. I don't know why Lowell would lie like that.

Anonymous said...

For the record, Lowell didn't "run off" the trolls. More like he BANNED anyone who didn't share his suburban perception of the City of Detroit. Chasing people away with intelligent discussion is one thing. Pushing the dump button ala Rush Limbaugh is another.