Friday, December 01, 2006

Not Only a Trophy Wife, But a Wonderful Stepmother for You, My Son

I usually can't come up with a caption for the New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest, but this just popped into my mind.

Postscript: Or how about: She was stomping squeegee men the day we met.

Or: I had forgotten today was street cleaning.

Or: Some styles are timeless.

Or; Now, that, my boy, is a shiksa.


B. Wieder said...

"They don't come any bigger than Oprah" my ass!

And they said American designers had run out of new ideas.

I think the folks at BALCO are really onto something this time.

G Pabst said...

Chevy brought her in for a "hit."
Five bucks says she she parks that Toyota Carolla mid-river first fling. Once she gets the range, it's Davey Jones Locker for the whole dealership.

Son, you're lucky. It seems that your sister carries the family curse.

Steroids? Sadly yes, son. But in spite of all the other side effects, you'll notice that Barry Bonds is still a lefty.