Saturday, December 09, 2006

The Taylor Underground

Well, I never. A friend from whom I haven't heard in years somehow has taken the bait of my Taylor post and writes thus:

Some of those Taylor hits you are getting are probably from the Taylor Secret police who are monitoring your activities and are busy blocking your web address on the Taylor network. The rest of the hits were via a cracked underground network connection of dissidents. [just kidding, but one never knows].

When I was there we had an active underground. Recently I was reading some old memoirs I wrote during that time and ran across the code words we used in the underground – terms like ‘he is one of the boys’ and ‘dingers’ was used as codespeak for bars.

Our outlaw insurgency never went to chapel, unless there was something truly truly compelling and not the usual bible pablum. We smoked, drank, partied and brawled in Marion, Muncie and across the state line in Greenville, Ohio with its 3.2 beer dance halls. So I didn’t feel so deprived of a normal college existence as much as you seemed to. We also protested the Viet Nam war, scoffed at the diversion of educational resources to have a campus pastor and sought out anti-religious philosophical books and discussion.

I am willing to bet my left cajone that the noble opposition exists as vigorously today as then, except they have things like ganja, ecstasy and online porn to weather the boredom. In their secret world pictures of the legendary rebel J. Michael Robertson no doubt grace the walls of their garrets as his subversive blog posts are shot around, amid snickers, via their instant messengers and cracked alternet connections.

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B. Wieder said...

Gloria and I were discussing your alma mater posts last night and were wondering what I suspect a great host of your readers (Hi Greg, Peter, Dave) are wondering.
Why the hell did he / she / they go to Taylor in the first place?
Tis sort of a wonderment.