Thursday, December 14, 2006

Isn't Allison Nice? A 'Sad Old Man' Needs a Friend

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "I Went to a College You Never Heard Of":

Oh my goodness. If there is any example of Taylor students being assholes, this is it. Come on guys, surely you don't think badgering this man will change anyone's views of the school. I'm going to guess that it was students like this with considerably narrow views of the school that pushed the blogger to his current sentiment. I personally loved my time at Taylor, but I also recognize how it can be a lonely and frusterating place for people who don't fit the mold 100% of the time. And it is a pretty specific mold to fit. How incredibly "Taylor" is it for us to start a post in anger, and then feel so guilty about it that by the end of the paragraph we are appologizing for your experience and promising to pray for you! And name calling? Dusty, honestly, you should know better. -Allison


Glo and I separately tried to post comments to your grand exegesis of the Taylor educational experience, but we both were flagged as Unable to Post. (Blogger pulls crap like this sometimes.) I'm just glad I went to nondescript, noncontroversial Berkeley. For her part, Gloria was somewhat amused that "the big rack closed the sale" for the Christian institution. Go in peace. -- the Oboglos


And this website says I am "angelic."


Corwin enters the picture:

i KNOW you are a sad old man possessed by satan and
that is why you are so much fun at cocktail parties.

reflecting back upon my southern upbringing, i think
that you could start with say, converse college or any
other small insular school and turn this into a book
project. one bible thumper college a month. you'll be
a full professor by 2008.


Les, a former student, enters the picture:

Jesus H. Christ, what the hell kinda school did you go to? :O)
Well, I guess they have the right to comment, since you're entitled to
your opinion and they are to theirs. But this is why I'm so afraid of
crazy Christian fanatics.


i leave for a good old fashion, god-inspired, capitalist-feeding shopping session in union square and i log on to see more bile on your blog ... and the bile ain't coming from you!

i want to reply to some of these posts but i find myself reading them and having 4-5 SERIOUS problems with nearly each of the posts. it would take too damn long to cover it all. -- a friend in the city

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