Friday, December 29, 2006

May We Recommend a Superior Restaurant

Somebody dropped a dime or perhaps a contact lens and a crowd has gathered? No. It's 6:30 on a Thursday night, and all those folk are waiting for a table. I am led to believe this is typical.

Having dropped by the Ruth Asawa show at the DeYoung -- more about that later, or maybe not -- we made a special trip to Clement Street to confirm that Burma Superstar is a wonderful restaurant.

Confirmation accomplished. We had stumbled into it last year looking for a quick 5 o'clock meal and were startled at how good everything was. It still is.

We had a couple Burmese cocktails, the Mango Tango and a Lychee Mint Julep. We had the samusas (their spelling), the tea salad (which Eydie says actually has tea leaves in it), the lettuce cups and a chicken/shrimp rice casserole with caradamom and cinammon. There was also beer, as there so often is.

Everything was way better than average, and when it comes to San Francisco cuisine average is not a Gentlemen's C.

It cost about 60 bucks. A very good value, and cozy dining as well since the tables have about the thickness of a cell wall -- a human cell; not a dungeon -- between them.

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