Friday, December 15, 2006

It's Over

And that's the viral nature of the internet. The fever rages. The fever dies.

Salman Rushdies Cat
This Week's Visits and Page Views
This Week's Visits and Page Viewsis Week's Visits

Move along, people. Nothing to see.

Postscript: I could say some more negative things about Taylor 40 years ago. It's not like I don't have more material. If the essay elicits this much support, imagine how the novel will do.


david silver said...

hold on, wait a second.

i'm no social scientist, but i think your numbers are fishy.

1. it's barely morning on saturday so the sharp drop off of visitors may be due to the fact that we have not yet seen out the day.

2. it seems to me that all blogging activity, especially blogging related to monday-friday academics, goes down over the weekend.

if your stats look like they do today on monday night then, well, you may have a trend.

B. Lundigan said...

I hope it's not over. I've really been enjoying myself lurking around the original post. Perhaps, we shouldn't judge an entire community by its lunatic fringe, but when more of the "sensible" Christians fail to speak up....