Saturday, December 09, 2006

The Taylor University Virus

By which I mean my post earlier this week about my alma mater has gone viral in a modest way. That is, though this little blog is pretty much a boutique enterprise, with maybe a half dozen regular readers -- hello, Greg; hello, Peter; hello, David; hello, Bob and Gloria; hello, me -- it is popular with the search engines. I get a fair number of hits from people looking for snapjacks or Lili Marlene.

And thus it was that my screed about Taylor University, from which I graduated a little more than 40 years ago, was stumbled upon by someone with a Taylor connection, and the link has been passed around, apparently to a couple dozen current students and professors.

Sitemeter allows me to know this, telling me as it does of the town or city where my visitors live.

Upland, Indiana
, my friends. It's not just that Taylor is its only claim to fame. It's its only claim.

My little essay was not intended for that particular audience, though its members are certainly welcome here at Cat-15. My memories of Taylor are mixed. In certain moods, they are bleak and angry and bitter. But I met my wife there, and Sweet Sweet-Thing and I are still together and sometimes still "go for it" on consecutive days, if you know what I mean, and I think that you do.

Anyway, my post is getting some hits and even a comment from a current Taylor faculty member. If anyone else wishes to chime in, even to witness to me in a kindly way and thus heap coals of burning fire upon my head, you are certainly welcome. Perhaps, the old dungheap has changed, and the university is no longer a fully owned subsidiary of the Republican Party. I would prefer not to have to go on pretending that before Duke I was raised -- and, of course, home schooled -- by wolves.

Postscript: Brother Silver says play nice. Link to Taylor.

Also, he says Sarah and sometimes Sarah's mom drop by the old Cat-15 cracker barrel from time to time.

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david silver said...

may i suggest you make Sitemeter and Taylor University hyperlinks so cat-15 readers can quickly click for further context? also, you'll be making the search engines' jobs a bit easier.

sarah, as well as sarah's mom, are known, i think, to have read this blog.

nice labels.