Monday, October 15, 2007

Bad Day at Irony and/or Satire Rock

Surprise: Borat is now available at Comcast On Demand. I knew a great deal about the movie before I began watching it. Indeed, I had seen in part or in their entirety many of the scenes. Prepared to laugh I was, youngling.

I was surprised that its unkindness disturbed me and soured much of the humor. I usually relish cruel humor and since I have contempt for so much and so many, I am prepared to urge cruelty on. But not reflexively. Not for every damn thing under the sun.

Other better evidence of American bigotry exists than that which we find in this movie. Creating and holding the character is impressive, and perhaps I am focused on the wrong thing. Perhaps, Cohen's execution is the point, not the people who become his props.

Still: Sour. And odd. Usually I am an undiscriminating consumer of mass humor -- love the crude; embrace the stupid -- and seldom bother much with kindness as a criterion. It may just be a mood. I'll watch it again.


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