Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Lawyers Are Good, Too. When They Say, "You are my soul," They Really Mean It

Today I told my journalism ethics class that they should all marry anesthesiologists. Journalism is one of those professions that needs to be underwritten, and if you make an ethical stand and walk away from it, it's nice to have a mattess on which to land.

Also, the lives of the poor anesthesiologists are a hellish boredom, punctuated by the occasional mistake. (Code team! That's no fun.)

"Marry an anesthesiologist," I said. "Every day of their lives, you'll be the most interesting thing that happens to them."

Then somebody asked if I just meant single ones, and I said yes absolutely. I mean what are you going to be doing? Slipping out of bed to go through their purse or wallet? That's not ethical and damned inefficient, besides.

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