Thursday, October 11, 2007

We, Too, Share the Remorse of It's a Sad Commentary That Anyone Would Pay the Slightest Attention to This Drivel. PBS Anyone?

  • Winger's wanger eases painful week

By Lincoln Archer

October 12, 2007 12:00am

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THE list of most-clicked articles on makes for some grim reading this week, with stories of brave sacrifice, family tragedy and senseless violence proving popular....

And then a wanger-wielding winger stepped up to show us all how to make an impression.

NRL runner-up Manly's Michael Robertson made headlines for his locker room antics rather than his on-field prowess. Robertson felt the need to do what is now called "the wang dance" for teammates to lift their spirits after they lost the big one.

Unfortunately for the winger, his genital jig was filmed and inadvertantly broadcast by Foxtel and was then later posted on YouTube. Robertson said he was "acutely embarrassed" that his trouser touch judge was seen by all.

But while Robertson's wriggle was quite unexpected, the next most popular story is becoming all too common: six people were killed when a sheriff's deputy when on a shooting rampage in Wisconsin....

Editor's Note: According to Wikipedia, a touch judge "is an official who monitors the touch-line in a game of rugby union or rugby league and raises a flag if the ball (or player carrying it) goes into touch."

You were pretty sure the reference made you indignant. Now you know why. It is, however, apt.

Which is no excuse.

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