Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Doing Fine All Alone

Watching Colbert while sippin' some nice hot cocoa. In a few minutes I'll drag the cat to bed to see if he'll spoon. Biking with Daugherty on Thursday. That should be a death trip. I seem to be running out of the food Eydie prepared before she left. I've been stretching it with oyster crackers. They go with anything. Also, I guess I should buy some milk. I've heard it's widely available. There was mold on the bowl of diced tomatoes. Did you know gazpacho doesn't make itself? Yeah, things are fine. I wonder who's awake in Australia?

I think I want this person to have my babies.


da said...

was the cat willing to spoon?

david silver said...

btw, that was me. i was excited and hit return before typing the rest of my name.

....J.Michael Robertson said...

Actually, the cat does spoon, particularly in the morning when it's (cat and temperature) is cold. The cat puts its head on the pillow and molds its warm little body against my throat and chest. It's very sweet, actually, since otherwise the cat is so skittish. But once we are lying down we are much less intimidating apparently.