Saturday, October 27, 2007

I Had Always Wondered

Paul Glastris, of (I think) Washington Monthly describes the prep for his Colbert appearance.

Then I was taken to the makeup room, where my face (and bald spot) was covered up with gunk, and then back to my dressing room. A few minutes before the taping, Colbert came by and introduced himself. He was quite personable as he gave me what I presume is his standard prep talk. The character I play, he said, is extremely opinionated and extremely ignorant. Don't get thrown off by the ridiculous questions I ask you. Just focus on making the points you want to make. (His producers had given me very similar advice: don't respond to his jokes, and for God's sakes don't try to joke back, just concentrate on getting your message out).


Peter Moore said...

One is left to wonder how he preps other guests whose opinions may be closer to that of his "fake" persona?

....J.Michael Robertson said...

It would be immeasurably sweet if he said exactly the same thing.