Friday, October 26, 2007

Just Had to Pull This Up from One of Those Florida Websites

  1. Larry Woods Says:

    Sir Michael:
    Keep on keepin’ on. You prick the conscience of the young, and that’s a good thing. Great professors, born before the blog bloated cyberspace but devilish enough to use it to ignite a dash of Socratic intercourse, are to be commended. More should have the gall, or daring. The snit of USF vs. USF is amusing, especially to a Florida Gator, thank you, class of ‘63.

Full disclosure: He's an old friend who did 20 prize-winning years at CNN.

Editor's Note: You quite reasonably ask, "How you got the time to waste on this?" The answer is I've been sick in bed for most of the week -- went in on Wednesday; that was a mistake -- and this beats thinking, which general description of web conduct the majority of replies to my USF post amply illustrate

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