Saturday, October 06, 2007

Who Was that Masked Man? The One in the Apron. With the Dust Rag.

My wife is visiting her family. While the cat's away, the mice will straighten up, at least on Saturday. When it comes to house work, I have Attention Deficit Disorder. Clean is a Platonic idea. Somewhere there's a Divine Clean, but on this earth the best we can manage is a "shadow clean" on the wall of the cave.

And the cave needs vacuuming.

With the wife gone, I clean in increments with a timer around my neck: 15 minutes in the garage, 15 minutes ironing my t-shirts, 15 minutes organizing the study, 15 minutes shifting the trash, 15 minutes paying the bills and so on and so on. It all bores me so. I'd rather read a book.

Coffee break's over. Back on my head, as the punchline goes.

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